A dream home – The brain child of a savvy architect

by Architecture design

Choosing the best architect

Taking a call on choosing the best Industrial architects and consultants is not going to be a cakewalk. The real brain behind a dream home has to be chosen with immense thought. An architect for your dream home should be multifaceted in terms of following,
Idea generation

A novel architect offers a unique design and value additions to it, recommends trustworthy contractors and dealers, acts as an investment guide and conserves your interests, money and time. Amidst a galore of Industrial architects and consultants in Chennai, here are a few points to ponder to choose the right architect for your dream home.

Architects are known for having the most creative portfolio and astounding references but that does not specify their approach towards your project. The right architect should match his design according to your lifestyle and preferences. On the first visit ask your architect about their visualization of your project. Moreover,  ask their idea of the factors that can be worked now and also about the factors that can be improved. In the case of remodeling, make sure to find out the challenges involved and how is the remodel blend going to be integrated with the rest of the house. So,Catch up on these early conversations to trail in the right track, to build a good rapport and to find out if your personalities are harmonious.

The premium signature style

The premium signature style is the most important characteristic of an architect. But Industrial architects and consultants have to be supple and adaptable in order to customize their style according to the needs and requirements of an individual client and their home. Some architects possess a dominant design susceptibility that they carry on to every project. Being a specialist in designing sleek indoors or cottage houses, the architect brings his signature style forward. But it is up to us to decide to utilize the architect’s signature quotient or not based on the requirements.

On hiring a sole proprietor, you can be confident enough that the architect you met is going to design your dream home. But when you choose a firm, there is a fair chance that somebody totally new from the team might design your dream home. Therefore, Communication in the right note is vital to accomplishing a job successfully. So before hiring a firm, make sure to meet the lead architect involved with your project and discuss it. Interaction remains the key, collect basic and necessary information and schedule constant meetings to enhance positive outcomes.

Architects being multilayered in their character can perform more apart from designing. They carry the administration of the project, site inspections and revisions. Architects also help in hiring a contractor or dealer, monitors the job of a contractor as the construction proceeds. They keep a track on building progression and brings about design amendments as required, evaluate invoices to make sure payment schedules are not disturbed, acquires disclaimers from contractors to ensure nobody has a claim against your property.  So, Make sure the architect for your dream home, you choose, provides these services at reasonable costs.

How much does an architect charge?

architects typically charge 5% to 20% of the overall project cost. This depends on the amenities offered, the intricacy of the job and the repute of the architect. Make sure to ask the architects and consultants for your dream home about the charges for your project, the time necessary and the exact payables. Architects characteristically begin billing from the month they commence their work. There are different billing approaches and each one works well. Having clarity about budgeting and billing is significant.

Interpreting a typical two-dimensional plan is not easy from a customer’s point of view. Even though the 2D plan makes it possible to locate the walls, windows, and doors, one cannot derive a precise feel for the eventual transformation of the design in the real world. Make sure to ask the Industrial architects and consultants about the format for presenting ideas and drawings. Almost all architects possess the skill to utilize three-dimensional images. These images offer the feasibility of rotation and let us view from different angles. So, a backlog in utilizing 3D software indicates that the architect is not up to date on utilizing the latest building practices.


Authentic Industrial architects and consultants endorse trustworthy contractors and help assess portfolios and bids. They continue to recommend their previous good associates which are a boon to the customer. But don’t limit yourself to the recommendations as multiple bids offer an ultimate pick. So make sure to hand-pick the right architect for your dream home to realize in virtuosity.




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