A look at some of the top industrial designs in the world

by Holistic Industrial design

A look at some of the top industrial designs in the world

Architects and Interior designers work wonders and create so many grand buildings. All these architectural monuments represent the skill and dedication of many Architects, and Interior designers joined together. It is not only for art galleries or other artistic buildings that designers make an effort. Nowadays, even industrial architects design Industrial buildings to look chic and stylish. Gone is the era of a warehouse type of buildings. Today your building is part of your brand name and image. Each of the buildings shows the height of the Industrial Architecture. Hence they use the best designs in cost-effective ways.

Let’s take a look at some of the magnificent structures of world-famous industrial architects and interior designers in the industrial section:-

Basilica Hudson, New york

This impressive monument was built in 1880. It started as a factory for steel railway wheels. Until 1980, they used it as a Glue factory. Patrick Doyle then took over the building from its owners and brought to it a new glory. He  stripped down the entire structure to its fundamental structure, and designed an entirely new interior. Patrick converted the building into a shared space for the local community. It slowly developed a house for art and music was dely. By 2015, the institution has turned into a non-profitable organization, which is an abode to the cultural lovers in Hudson.

La sucrière, Lyon

A world-famous building situated on the banks of Saone at Lyon. From 1930, they used the building as a warehouse for storing sugar. Later in 1990, it was abandoned. The famous architect William Vassal gave the building a complete makeover in 2003. He did this to convert the building into an exhibition hall for contemporary art. Since 2007, this outstanding building has become the most prestigious venue of Biennale of Contemporary Art. Above all, the three floors of the hall are extraordinary examples of architectural excellence.

Industrial building design

Freegan Pony, Paris

A secret hideout for foodies in Paris. This cozy place is situated in an abandoned car park beneath the highway. One cannot easily spot this place.However, it is a well-known secret that the restaurant is nothing like a conventional eat out. Moreover, the attraction of this place is that it sells perfectly healthy food at meager costs. Aladdin Charni is the brain behind this location. He decided to do away the concept of throwing food and recycling this food into utterly delicious and tasty dishes. Hence, he converted the concrete hall of the car park into a cozy bohemian lounge with Persian carpets, mix and match furniture from the flea market, twinkling candles, and vintage light effects.

The spinnerei, Leipzig

This is an Industrial site at Leipzig, Germany. This site stretches to 10 hectares and is home to many art galleries, restaurants, and studios. Originally in 1884, this was the largest cotton mill in Europe. However, today, this has evolved as the cultural hotspot of Germany. The site has seen many phases. In 1989, a documentary showing the place crumbling down became quite famous. But, It took many years of effort and skilled labor to bring it back to glory.

Industrial building design

Hotel de goudfazant, Amsterdam

Visiting this converted warehouse in Amsterdam is worth your money. The French food served here is excellent, and the service you get is also impressive. Moreover, the environment has a casual look and is incredibly refreshing. The Architects revamped the building to get a classy antique look and  dotted it with vintage cars. Another unique design is the chandelier built of milk bottles. You will find it simply awesome. The place has been designed by the industrial architects in such a way that it resembles the original car garage it was and at the same time, has a comfy canteen appearance too. There is nothing stuck up about the ambiance, and you can relax totally.

Mikser House, Belgrade

This 1000 meter square converted industrial space is a hybrid space at Savamala. Industrial architects completely revamped it and increased the attractiveness of the place. The house is the center for the promotion of all artistic talents in the country. Moreover, along with a musical extravaganza, the food here, along with cocktails, merely is mind-blowing.

In conclusion, make it a point to visit any of the architectural monuments of these industrial architects and Interior designers, as these display a combination of extraordinary human talent and mind-blowing skills.




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