Service and Maintenance of fire safety systems in Industrial construction

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Relevance Of fire safety System In India – A Walkthrough

Fire is a serious risk which can cause damages to people and property. According to the statistics, an average of 25,000 people loses their lives every day due to fire and related accidents. The financial losses due to fires are even more. Fire always ranks among the top five risks in the industrial sector in India. Faults occurring during the construction such as defective electric circuits are one of the major reasons for fire-related accidents. This shows that how fire safety measures are important to be implemented by the Industrial electrical consultants in a construction.

We must have proper fire protection design for buildings to avoid great percentage of the dangers. The construction graph in India is undergoing a sharp spike in the last few years. Because, high rise industrial buildings are being constructed everywhere across the country. The interruptions that a fire incident brings to any industry are extremely dreadful. Recovering from it requires a lot of time, money and effort. The losses are also immense. Most often, a complete recovery is impossible for many. Such losses greatly hinder the development of a growing country like India.

Hence it is very vital to consult Industrial electrical consultants to implement appropriate fire safety measures to fight disastrous risks like fire.

Tips For The Proper Maintenance

Once the initial construction or renovation of a building is complete, then it is a very vital task to ensure that fire safety measures are installed in the building, and they are efficient and operative. The following are some fire safety measures suggested by professional Industrial electrical consultants to achieve effective maintenance in industrial buildings.

The overall safety strategy


Every industrial design in India will have a fire safety strategy envisioned by the Industrial electrical consultants involved in the building’s construction. All the fire safety measures installed must comply with this strategy.

Fire service accesses

Maintenance of all the fire service accesses regularly and properly is necessary, and the effect should be ensured. Fire service accesses includes access to internal and external vehicles, fire-fighting lifts, access to hydrants, etc. So, poor maintenance may make these precautionary facilities unusable.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms are the prominent gadgets which defend you in case of fire. If these systems operate reliably, then the extent of damage can be significantly reduced. The sensors, the ducts, the pull stations, etc. should be checked with supreme care. Immediately repairing the damages ensures the operational efficiency of the system.

Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers

The fire protection systems such as sprinklers associated with the fire alarms should also be well maintained. As well as, underground pumps, valves, water supplies, etc. should be inspected at regular intervals. There are multiple types of fire extinguishers, and each type requires different treatment. Seek the help of specialized professionals for the service and maintenance of the type of fire extinguishers in your building.

Smoke ventilation system

Regular examination of a smoke ventilation system is necessary, by doing which we can ensure no issue remains undetected. The inefficiency of such a system poses a serious threat to fire-fighters and individuals while trying to escape in case of a fire.

Do outsourcing rightly

The outsourcing of fire protection services is common in many industries. This does not mean that you are free from all responsibilities. You should supervise the maintenance activities regularly so that all the safety measures work during emergencies. Also, make sure that the contractor has proper insurances and licenses. Cross-checking their experience and credibility is very important.

Maintenance of electrical systems

Arrange for a routine inspection of the electrical systems and circuits in the building. In many cases, fire and related accidents arise as a result of short circuits.

Contact The Best fire safety Consultants Now

Prevention is a thousand times better than cure. A little investment during the construction phase can bring a huge difference. Utilizing the available safety gadgets by consulting Industrial electrical consultants will assure an affordable budget. Make the right use of them. Whatever is the industry, if the buildings are not compatible with the fire and safety regulations by the central and state governments, it is high time to initiate a better change and take a leap towards fire safety!




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