What industry insiders have to say about fire alarm

by Fire and Safety

Remember the popular adage, there is no smoke without fire? Nowadays, this old saying can be taken in its literal sense! A casual mistake from the part of an employee or negligence is enough to reduce even the well-designed building to ashes. Therefore, all companies and their owners should be aware of the dangers of fire accidents within the premises. These days, Industrial electrical consultants include the installation of a sound fire alarm and detection system in the design as it becomes increasingly popular and also a crucial option. The aim is to cater to a basic requirement- to ensure the protection of both valuable properties, as well as human life.

Three main types of fire alarm and detection systems.
1.Addressable Alarm System
Similar to a traditional Fire Alarm, these systems can determine who or what has triggered the alarm.
2.Analog Alarm System
Often called ‘smart’ fire systems for the fact that they can determine the nature of the alarm. If you just triggered the alarm to pull a trick on your boss, beware. You might get ‘caught’ by these intelligent devices.
3.Traditional Alarm System
These types of Fire Alarms do not have the sophistication nor the intelligence to detect any false alarms. Less complex areas, like home install these kind of alarm system

Installing A Fire Alarm

The installation of a fire alarm system requires careful planning. Amused? Industrial electrical consultants say that fitting average smoke alarm devices in a common area or a passageway is necessary. Other locations include near the stairs or at the top story. Buildings with several floors must compulsorily have a fire alarm fitted in each story.

Another important factor to consider are distractions that can prevent the full functionality of a fire alarm system. So, place them far from ceiling lights, fans, and air-conditioning systems. These act as a deterrent and prevent the detection of smoke. It is also vital to place them within earshot detection. This way the lights that go off and the sounds will be audible to everyone.
In India, there are top Industrial electrical consultants who might assist you in determining the best place for placement of alarms. They also suggest the right fire alarm and detection system for your building after a thorough evaluation of the premises.

Briefing and teaching the various aspects of fire fighting to the employees help to avoid further damage and loss. Installing the Fire alarm systems in the right place is necessary so as to alert the fire personnel in case of an emergency. Depending on the structural design, the alarm system will vary from one building to another.

Maintenance of a Fire Alarm

Like any other electrical device, a Fire Alarm system must be checked regularly by any competent person. Conducting a full service with the frequency carrying depending on the type of alarm used ensures the condition of the system. In addition to this, chalking out a fire emergency plan ensures that everyone has an idea of the system works.
With sound knowledge and the right guidance from Industrial electrical consultants, the fire alarm and detection system should be installed to alert or prevent a fire mishap from causing irreparable loss to human lives and property.




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