Why every Industrial property needs a sprinkler system?

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Why every Industrial property needs a Sprinkler System?

Industrial buildings have to satisfy a host of safety rules and among them, fire protection stands tall. Injuries caused due to fire are serious and at times fatal leading to human and property loss on a large scale. So, the industrial establishments start preparing themselves for tackling any kind of fire accidents. Foolproofing their building protects them from fire-related accidents. Similarly, using some equipment will also ensure fire safety. One such equipment that aids in fire safety is fire sprinkler system. Industrial architects designing retail stores, workshops, warehouses, and other establishments cannot miss out on fire safety systems.

A fire sprinkler is part of the fire protection system. Primarily, they are seen in industrial properties. In most countries, properties need to have a fire sprinkler system adhering to codes and compliances. Conducting regular safety checks and maintenance ensures the working condition of the equipment. During the inspection, this part is skipped generally leading with an assumption that everything is in place.

Industrial Design In India – Reasons For Installing Fire Sprinklers

Looking for reliable safety measures, never miss out on fire sprinkler systems. These are different from fire extinguishers. They can work instantly and helps in instant controlling of the flame. These systems come into play to control large structural fire accidents that reveal a recent study.
Fire sprinkler can control extensive property damages . The inventory losses and loss to life can be minimized. We can connect sprinklers with early warning systems like smoke detectors, and can protect both property and life losses by more than 50%. This can make a huge difference meaning to the industrial establishment.

Fire sprinkler system are life-saving equipment protecting your employees from fire injuries. If you have not installed a fire sprinkler in your factory it is time to reconsider your decision. A properly managed fire sprinkler can safeguard the building from any life loss. Studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association reveals that no records show more than two life loss inside a building protected by fire sprinkler.

Fire Consultants : Functions Of Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are vital for human safety especially in large buildings making it vital for industrial architects to incorporate them in their plan. They detect heat and automatically start sprinkling water to slow down and put the fire under complete control.

Moreover, the sprinkler can suppress the spread of fire and safety aid in evacuating the occupants of the building. So,the main aim of the fire protection system is to reduce the severity of the fire and make it easier for firefighters to access remotely affected areas.

Industrial Architects: Maintaining Regulations For Fire Sprinklers

There are national standards for fire sprinkler requirements and adhering them strictly would prevent cancellation of your business license. The national standards are a list of procedures and conditions for installing the sprinkler systems on how the owners and managers have to follow the pre-set standards of fire safety. Apart from these, there are local and state laws that guide the industrial architects when it comes to fire protection.

With high raised buildings turning out to be death traps, the Indian government has devised safety norms for the occupants. Keeping the interest of the occupants the fire safety norms have to be followed. In reality, absolute fire safety is a myth. Still, precautions can be taken to prevent fire accidents and control the loss to life and property due to fire. By adopting safety measures like fire sprinklers it is easier to achieve protection from fire accidents. Moreover, they devise the code to overcome unnecessary hardships and interference while using the building or for the occupants.

The government insists on minimum standards of fire safety keeping in mind public interest. Necessary care on the laydown requirements has to be taken by industrial architects for the buildings to meet compliance standards. Use only equipment or installation experts that are duly certified under the BIS Certification Marks Scheme. All these guidelines help in minimizing the chance of fire occurrence and provide covers.




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