5 Green building trends 2019 – Must know

by Green design

The necessity of green design and an energy-efficient building

Any construction takes its toll on the environment. Therefore, Industrial engineering consultants are trying to reduce the impact on the design stage itself. This could help in the longer run. Sustainability and Green design are essential for Industries. For instance, commercial and industrial buildings consume nearly 45% of the world’s energy. So, it is hard to overlook the impact of smart building innovation in the built environment. Let us discuss some green building trends to have a green and energy-efficient building.

Energy-efficient buildings lead the way.

Retrofits in existing buildings are growing since 2012 and are more as compared to new constructions. There has been a massive change in understanding the need to make an energy-efficient building. Industries are redesigning their existing buildings in order to optimize energy requirements. As well as,Certifications by various Green Building bodies are available for an energy-efficient building.

A spike in zero net energy buildings

Designing a “zero net energy building” is essential as only half of the energy consumption is from the grid, and the rest is from a renewable source. Some buildings produce more energy than required is called “Energy-plus buildings.”

Nowadays, Zero-net-energy industrial buildings are becoming common. A bench-marked project invariably has to have something uncommon or new to stand out in the industry. Yah, who doesn’t want an energy-efficient building!

Building energy performance in the future

Each building has its own carbon footprint, and there are many ways to monitor carbon emissions. Due to the increase in the awareness of renewable energy, it has become easy to bring down carbon emissions. Industrial engineering consultants believe that in the coming years, the energy-efficient building is going to become a prime requirement for designing and constructing industry. Above all, the government also brings norms to monitor emission rates keeping people’s safety in mind.

Solar power – A growing renewable

Solar power is the most advantageous among renewable energy sources in the world. The solar panels on the rooftops of buildings show the commitment of the organization to renewable resources and a green environment.

Of the 5 Green Building Trends discussed here, solar energy is revolutionizing the construction and design industry a lot. It is likely to change how buildings are conceived, constructed, and managed in the next few years. Therefore, In the future, a building without solar panels is not going to be considered as energy-efficient building anymore.

Water conservation – The need of the day

Water conservation is the need of the day as changes in climate and rainfall pattern continues to cause a water crisis in many parts of the world. Therefore, it is imperative to conserve the available water and reuse the water as much as possible.

The concerns in water scarcity, have made many Industrial engineering consultants to consider innovative ways to reuse water, make use of water-conserving fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, efficient cooling towers, systems which help recover and reuse gray water.




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