Future trends in sustainable industrial holistic design

by Holistic Industrial design, Integrated industrial design


Practicing sustainability has always been an essential factor in office design. It’s a well-known fact that people spend most of their time 90% indoors. Top industrial architects have been following sustainable Industrial holistic design and practices for many years. The future also looks suitable for the companies which adopt them.

Future trends

Let us look at some of the below future trends which might get implemented in the culture of top companies.


Our small towns are respected still in a global world. Companies in their local communities will make investments as a sustainable Industrial design business practice. Then, volunteers can be joined, greening your park or school, or buying your coffee from a local container are trends that will make an impact in the future.

The workers will organize work.

One of the most exciting Sustainable Industrial holistic design trends will be the rise in technology to curate our workday. An app designed by the company can encourage employees to work, based on their personal preferences, workout routines, healthy recipes, etc. Due to this, the time lost due to climate control or distraction will become a thing of the past.

Renewable energy

Net-zero energy buildings, along with net-positive energy buildings, will be active soon. These two happen through design, energy, and renewable production.

Biophilic design will continue to rise.

Biophilic comprises not just plants or living walls; also, it consists of relationships of people, patterns, texture between nature, and natural materials. Also, its views on lighting, climate concerns within the indoor environment stand apart, and this will play a massive role in the future.

Hr policies will adapt to a sustainable mindset.

As the focus will shift onto a people-centered model of Sustainable Industrial design, policies inside the organization will change to adapt to these. Therefore, new programs and incentives will be introduced to address the issues of employees, their health problems, etc. Mindfulness will play a massive role in winning teams, and architecture will evolve in the future to adapt to sophisticated tools and high technologies.

Healthier buildings

Constructing healthier buildings has been an excellent sign for many industrial architects and owners. So, they have started realizing the importance of these systems and the two central critical systems, which can help to understand this is better air quality and the use of better daylighting. A move also is on the verge of implementation to improve the life of designers to identify product buildings that are sustainable, healthy, etc.

Stringent building certification programs

A good measure of certification programs that are related to sustainability is also to be developed, which will improve the standard of living.

Offices will continue to become smarter.

Offices in the future, will incorporate high-level technologies and will include lighting controls, optimized energy, and this, along with sustainable industrial holistic design. Also, it will boost up the office energy levels, and going forward, upfront costs will also have to be controlled.

Pre -Fabricated construction as the norm

Companies in the future will see the impact on prefabricated materials. Prefabrication, along with Sustainable Industrial design, will allow shipment finished to site and control volatile organic compounds.


The future looks bright for Sustainable Industrial holistic design implementations to take place. Industrial architects say that it will continue to dominate in many years to come.




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