Why outsourcing MEP designs benefits the Industrial construction

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Industrial construction is fast-paced, whereby a single day’s delay could incur high costs. Projects are deadline-driven, and so the experts in this industry need to be alert and act proactively in a quest to complete the projects quickly. MEP design for industrial construction is one of the driving forces, where MEP design consultants play a significant role.

MEP designs or models play a significant role in building design, construction, and maintenance. A basic layout of the building design would include fire protection systems, piping systems, electrical fixtures, HAC systems, water supply piping, and other akin building management systems. All these systems need unbeatable expertise and a wealth of experience to perfect from the design to the installation.

While companies may have their in-house MEP design personnel, their expertise may be second to a dedicated MEP design consultant. The sole role of consultant is to provide unparalleled MEP designs using the latest technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling). This, therefore, necessitates the need for outsourcing opportunities, which exposes you to complete control of your project while expert engineers maneuver your designs.

Outsourcing MEP designs presents a broad range of benefits for a fast-paced, deadline-driven, and cost-sensitive construction industry. Some of these benefits are:

The benefits of outsourcing MEP designs for industrial construction


The MEP design Consultants would ideally take care of your MEP designs while you focus on other essential tasks. As a result, your in-house team has adequate time to excel in different roles while another firm fine-tunes your plans. In a complex building, MEP Design could be demanding, and you might waste recruiting or upskilling your existing staff to excel in MEP designs. Why not save time by outsourcing?


Depending on the scale of your projects, you may have to spend more money to get MEP designs. This includes investing in the latest technologies and hiring talented staff in MEP. Modern engineers are no longer using conventional 2D drawings to craft MEP designs. Instead, they have adopted BIM technology, which not every firm is yet competent in using. By carefully handpicking the best engineering firm to outsource the designs too, you can rest assured that you will save associated costs.

The use of BIM, for instance, brings loads and lots of benefits to your design and construction. It gives accurate cost estimations, collaborative 3D models, clash detection and resolution, shop drawing, project scheduling, minimum change orders, and many more benefits. Traditionally, you would organize a countless number of meetings for project teams and use costly stationery for that. Outsourcing to a BIM specialist engineering firm saves you a lot of money.

Guaranteed data security:

A single mistake in data leakage could mess up your company’s reputation and even hamper its progress. Outsourcing companies, off-shore companies, in particular, are bound by data security laws, which come with hefty penalties. In spite of these data laws, outsourcing companies strive to maintain long-term relationships and integrity. This is by securing your data and never sharing it with the third party.

Great project control and management:

Project managers are often inundated with a heap of tasks to fulfill for their projects. Large-scale projects become even more overwhelming. Among others, MEP design for industrial construction are the most complex. And the best way is to outsource them by approach MEP design Consultants so that you can have complete control and management while an outsourcing company takes care of your designs. With the help of BIM services, all project stakeholders can now collaborate and engage in a digital model and make changes instantly.




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