Why energy conservation is important in industries – Industrial architects

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Energy Conservation – Industry Layout Design

“Conservation is humanity caring for the future.” – Nancy Newhall

Energy conservation is an art of efficiently using energy. Also, it ensures the availability of essential resources for the future. Manufacturing industries are significant energy-consumers. Therefore, initiating conservation from this sector would bring about a major impact.

Importance of Energy Conservation

  • Energy conservation decreases the operating cost and long-term energy costs in the manufacturing industry
  • Energy conservation provides adaptability, dynamism, and emergence to create and develop resilient and flourishing workplace for the employee engagement
  • Planning industry layout design conserves energy which reduces the potential environmental damage from emissions and outflows
  • It has an impact on efficiency in the manufacturing industry and also a social impact of saving energy for the future generation
  • It also increases financial capital, environmental value, security, and employee comfort
  • Conservation of energy can be planned at the industry layout design stage itself to make it more effective.

industry layout design

“Life should be built on the conservation of energy.” – Herbert M. Shelton

How can an outstanding industrial design conserve energy?

  • Optimizing daylight in the production area, office area, etc. in the manufacturing industry
  • Increasing natural airflow to provide an ambient workplace for the employee
  • Planning the industrial design layout in such a way to maximize the light inflow
  • Choosing the right orientation of the building in order to minimize the heat.
  • Providing sensors for rooms to avoid electrical usage when there are no occupants
  • Optimizing man & material movement
  • Using energy-efficient equipment & light fittings
  • Planned maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment 
  • Installing insulation in the roof and walls of the workspace 

Moreover, preferring the usage of alternate power sources like solar energy, wind energy, etc benefits the industries in the long run.

In conclusion, up-gradation, modernization, and the right utilization of technology are necessary to realize the full potential of energy conservation in industry layout design. Even small changes in industrial design layouts have a massive impact on yearly energy consumption. Therefore, it is essential to choose your industrial architects thoughtfully.




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