The latest innovative industrial trends

by Integrated industrial design

Industrial trends are changing on a large scale. Industrial designers are incorporating their knowledge and analyzing the existing systems to create better versions. The Industrial architects and engineers in Chennai are also following the same industrial trends. They are revamping venues with the aim of optimizing the function and utility of industrial spaces without affecting the quality. Moreover, people are becoming more environment-friendly and this change is reflecting in the new structures evolving as well.

Today warehouses, lofts, studios, deserted godowns are now being revamped and redesigned into industrial venues. The Industrial architects and engineers are entrusted with the job of converting the warehouse into a rustic environment for Industrial purposes. Keeping in mind the concept of reducing human footprints and conserving the environment, the latest industrial trends in Industrial designing now focuses on aspects like
Minimum Energy Consumption
Minimum environment impact
Automating systems
Reduction of costs
Utilization of existing facilities
Revamped Industrial venues are now being used for product launches, exhibitions, corporate events and meetings, entertainment shows, etc. The designs of these venues are so well that the clients are left wonderstruck, particularly if they were questioning the site suggested in the first place.

Raw, Unfinished Look is In

The unfinished look is gaining more popularity now.  A rustic look is what the clients require. There is no more demand to conceal raw settings. To bring this look, Industrial architects and engineers focus on leaving pipes exposed and ducts remaining uncovered. This look is so appealing especially if the entire room is given a white shade. You get an industrial-chic look that feels unfinished. The combination is deadly.The walls stand out in contrast to the metallic sheen of the pipes.The clients are sure to fall for this trick. They will simply love the arrangement.
Retaining doors and windows with their original metal coverings will add to the appeal of the place. It will also blend into the environment. Some people prefer using metal wall shelves also.

The Use of Natural Ventilation

Another trend that is gaining importance is the use of natural ventilation. The importance of natural air circulation, ideas to lessen air pollution by using effective methods, reduction of smoke produced in industries, etc are ideas that Industrial architects and engineers focus on currently. Most of their construction sites are adopting industrial trends which are focusing towards a greener environment.
Normally such venues will have a blank canvas to work on. You may use all your creativity to fill the spaces and style it up. On the other hand, depending on the nature of your function, you are free to leave it with bare minimal essentials


Huge Savings in Cost

Since the concept of converting warehouses into an industrial venue has emerged, there has been massive cost savings. Designs and decorations of warehouses, as per your budget availability saves a lot of money. There are so many ways to cut down expenses and maintain a chic atmosphere at the same time. These venues are highly affordable to suit any budget.
Using high-efficiency motors and automated systems helps in the reduction of energy consumption to a great extent. Fully automated systems are also becoming hugely popular as along with increasing energy conservation, and this lowers the costs as well.

Polished Concrete Floors – Functional and Aesthetically Appealing

Flooring concepts have also undergone a massive change. Now Industries are going for polished concrete floors, saving on the costs for expensive tiling options. This coarse, imperfect look blends totally into the improvised warehouse look. It is also an economical and practical choice.
Arrangement of Lighting and Decor of the venue should reflect the nature of the event. There are a lot of lighting options available that involve natural lighting measures. Pendants, floor lamps, pendants, etc are all the preferred choices. Again, this will depend on the choice of the client.

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The emergence of 3D Visualisation Tools

Another concept the Industrial  architects and engineers are making use of is the visualization of the building using 3D visualization tools. This helps the client to see how the building will look like. It also helps in the identification of necessary changes in the initial stages itself. Effective utilization of such technological tools helps in understanding and evaluation of complex systems.

There are still many future industrial trends in Industrial designs which are gaining appreciation and popularity. All these innovative approaches by the Industrial architects and engineers will surely lead to an increase in production efficiency and optimum resource utilization.




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