At Besten, we use Building Information Modeling (BIM) software as part of our continued commitment to design excellence. BIM provides the visual reference for design and construction, and complete digital representation of a building design. BIM consultants make it easier to share construction information, provides better means of collaboration between the design team, triggers updates with design modification, and help increase the efficiency of the architects involved.

Even though there are many misconceptions regarding BIM, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at Besten provides building information modelling services for all our projects.

We take pride in using the latest technologies in building design and construction. BIM replaces traditional two-dimensional drawings with a three dimensional, digital model of the structure. Leveraging this technology, we can streamline the construction processes and improve the design experience for our clients, project owners, and end-users.

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The 3D modelling platforms intrinsically weaved into the construction lifecycle have helped us to design more efficiently, improve project performance, and collaborate more effectively while enabling architects and designers to be more creative and experimental.

We are BIM Consultants, using a bundled 3D modelling platform to carry out our Design Services. We provide modelling for architectural design, structural design, structural detailing, rendering, MEP services, and digital collaboration. Our design team that includes architects, engineers, management consultants and designers use the same application package and 3D modelling, offering holistic solutions to your problems. It fosters communication and collaboration between technical staff and our clients, and streamlines the design process. Design conflicts are identified and remedied early in the process, resulting in significant cost savings and an expedited construction.

We have used this holistic and integrated approach to all our building needs, and BIM has become the core of our design process. We have a successful record in delivering all model-related applications, including Architectural, Civil, Structural and MEP.

Opting for Besten’s BIM services provide for high-quality design results and reduced schedule delays during construction. Our utilities and services design team also employ BIM to integrate all services from conceptualization to project delivery, which aids in predictability, flexibility, and customization. Our efficient BIM consultants will bring you significant cost savings, faster construction, and provide precise real-world context for design.

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