Life at BESTEN

Life at Besten is fair, supportive and inclusive. There is an environment of growth that encourages open, free expression of ideas. We, at Besten, are teachers as well as learners, constantly sharing knowledge with each other. A flat organization without a vertical hierarchy, we believe that everyone can make an impact. Our offices are also fun places where we celebrate birthdays, festivals which often helps in building camaraderie.

Gender Equality

To promote gender equality in the workforce, we ensure that at least 50% of the associates are women. We welcome women who are looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break.


Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our work environment in Besten. Ethical standards and company values guide our everyday practices in the office and are a part of our culture.


Flat Organisation

Besten follows a flat organizational structure where all employees are on a level playing field, and open communication is encouraged. Giving everyone in the company an equal voice enables a working space conducive for personal growth, skill-sharing, and group interaction.


Fun at Work

We believe in investing time and effort into making our workplace more enjoyable for employees. Group discussions, team lunches, and celebrations promote cohesion within the organization. One day every week is solely dedicated to training, learning, and team-building activities.


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