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Pre Design

At the outset, all that is there is an idea. The journey from there to the implementation of the complete project goes through a full range of engineering services. No matter what type of construction project you wish to undertake, they involve critical elements, like the cost, labour, and the processes associated with it. This necessitates smart planning, resilient design, technical know-how, and an integrated approach to make the visions a reality. There comes the role of pre-design.

The pre-design phase establishes a common aspiration; encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and lays a strong foundation for the successful completion of the project. It involves designers, planners, estimators, project managers, and the clients working together and exploring various options before the beginning of the design phase.

This concept phase is an important foundation for achieving design and budget goals. During this stage, critical goals are established, budgets are analyzed and validated, and cost & schedule efficiencies created. Each project is unique with different sets of design and budgetary requirements, hence we exclusively define the program for each project instead of a set template.

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We are a firm, specializing in providing holistic industrial infrastructure design services for our clients. Pre-Engineering services are central to the commitment of Besten that maximizes the customer’s investment and offers a realistic picture of the project completion. Our goal, in this phase, is to identify the design parameters and/or constraints, create project-specific strategies and document the project objectives that ultimately lead to developing solutions. Critical thinking and active communication are essential features of this phase.

An integrated and collaborative approach to the pre-design phase will ensure every project is successful, from pre-construction to project completion. Our pre-design package also includes soil test and geotechnical reports, site and climate analysis, and feasibility studies, all of which are essential to define the requirements of the project. At Besten, our pre-design services ensure that every decision being made will maximize your investment.

Our experienced pre-design services help the client to make critical decisions and decisive choices at all stages of the project. All successful projects commence with a careful planning process. Our pre-design services help in beginning a project with an appropriate budget, an accurate schedule, and clearly defined design parameters. Key decision-makers, creative experts, and associates discuss the vision, logistics, functionality, and final project outcomes.

The extent of our involvement and the services provided during the pre-engineering phase depend upon the type of project and the point at which Besten is hired.

Broadly the Pre-Design services provided by Besten shall consist of the following

  • Project Charter
  • Engineering Consultation
  • Initial Design Brief
  • Master Plan/ Facility Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Project Cost Estimate
  • Value Engineering
  • Integrated Master Scheduling and
  • Planning and Regulatory Compliances

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