How to get better and efficient HVAC systems

by Electrical engineering design, HVAC design, MEP design

The HVAC systems are great energy consumers and account for more than 40% of the total energy consumption. Since homeowners or business owners do not know their HVAC systems, they do not worry about the energy consumed. The efficiency of these systems leads to not just a waste of energy but also leads to high utility bills. There are many ways through which you can improve its efficiency, and listed below are a few tips from the Industrial MEP Consultants that can come in handy.

Energy auditing from HVAC engineering consultants

The foremost thing to do if you are concerned about the efficiency of HVAC systems is to get an energy audit done. Industrial MEP Consultants perform inspections so that they can evaluate your systems and come up with a plan for the upgrades based on the results. The fixes and updates vary based on the condition and age of the parts and unit.

Some of the upgrades are :
Adding an economizer
Installing controls
Decrease load capacity through proper insulation, installing energy-efficient windows

Maintenance done through HVAC consulting firms.

HVAC systems are no different from other energy systems. They are to be appropriately maintained to get efficiency. Testing and fine-tuning of the heating and cooling systems ensure that it works well during the time it is needed most. You should check for leaks in pipes, ducts, etc. and any defects in a coil or other fittings. Maintenance activities like cleaning the dust and clearing the debris will ensure that you get the equipment working optimally, and there are no emergency fixes needed. Care should be taken to check for wear and tear of boilers, chillers, etc. which break due to usage. HVAC Filters have to be changed so that the air quality is not compromised

Consult HVAC design consultants for retrofit

You may want to retrofit your HVAC system for many reasons.

If the old unit is breaking down too often.
You may not want to invest in a new system as you are soon moving to a new place.
There may be a need for more time to buy one.
You want the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems.

You can retrofit equipment that is well maintained, great energy consumers, and are systems that have been used a lot. As per stats, you can see an increase in savings of about 35% in energy bills by adding parts through retrofit. These retrofits postpone the need for total upgrades having controls on temperature and humidity. You can replace compressors, add condenser, ventilation, and economizers to use outside air.

Train employees through Industrial MEP Consultants

You should train employees so that they are aware of how to maintain the HVAC system. They can keep the equipment to improve efficiency. A small training session by Industrial MEP Consultants that educates employees on the best practices to be followed to reduce the load on the equipment. Even little things like installing a sensor for the motion to turn off lights, switching off monitors can lead to an increase in energy efficiency.




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