Is Master plan essential for an Industrial project?

by Factory infrastructure, Holistic Industrial design

What is a Master plan?

A Master Plan is a comprehensive layout presenting the long term vision of development of the land. In the case of an industry,Industrial architect consultancy makes it necessary to develop a masterplan. This helps in planning land usage and development accordingly. It gives a long term, structured, sustainable development roadmap for a larger area over a longer period.
Master planning has a lot of art and science involved. It is a very critical step in the planning stage. Moreover, a well-discussed Masterplan goes a long way in the success of the organization.

How to create a Master Plan?

The process of creating a Master Plan involves brainstorming ideas, challenging boundaries, strategizing, and co-developing the roadmap to the future of the organization. This creative process involves communication between various stakeholders of the project, goes through many iterations before reaching a consensus. The entire team should also consider a broad view of the project and review decisions that could limit flexibility in the future.

The Industrial architect consultancy prepares a Master plan only after having multiple discussions with the client’s project team and other stakeholders. In other words, this is a process of numerous iterations and co-developing a strategy to complete the entire facility in line with the requirements of the company.

The following requirements are to be considered during master planning:
1. Cash outflow requirements
2. Project Timeline and production timeline
3. Human resources planning requirements
4. Production predictions
5. Branding

The masterplan creation meeting needs all the major stakeholders like finance, marketing, HR, Production, Quality, Safety, etc. Because, overlooking any of their requirements could mean an improperly prepared Masterplan. Above all, this Masterplan should be based on the local building codes, Geophysical & Geotechnical investigations, current and future zoning plans, future business forecasts, etc.

The Masterplan shows the allocation of land for future projects. The development of access roads, landscaping, and utilities can be viewed on the Masterplan. Industrial architect consultancy prepare master plan as a well-planned project has a higher completion rate as compared to the projects that have no Master Plan. In conclusion, preparing a masterplan at the onset of an industrial project pays off in the long run.




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