8 ideas for construction companies to drive towards an eco green construction

by Green design

It is no secret that the majority of the structural engineering firms in the world have resorted to innovative industrial infrastructure design and scientific methods to cut down on energy costs and conserve natural resources. As a result, Eco green construction is now the way of the many as we look forward to leaving behind a safe and secure planet for future generations.

Take a look at these top 8 ideas that you can implement in your workplace.

Reduce unnecessary lighting at night

Based on how the onsite lighting is fixed and controlled, it is recommended that you chalk out an economic plan to reduce wastage of energy. You can keep the perimeter lighting and the entrances well lit. Pathways and areas that are least occupied at night can have automated light controllers to turn off the lights at night or when there are zero occupancies.

If your firm works in several shifts, you can divide the area into smaller zones and shut off lights. The lights can remain on until the traffic in the vicinity is at its peak. This will help to carve a path towards an eco-green construction.

Educate the entire unit

Charity begins at home, and the best way to reduce energy costs is to educate the employees on the same. From a security officer to the top management, each individual must practice turning off the lights after use. Use the idea of stop, look, and listen. If you notice any devices running or water leaking from the tap, turn them off yourself or get them repaired.

Switch off lights from the vending machine

Make it a habit to remove the light bulbs fitted onto vending machines. Post a note saying that the device is in operation, and the bulbs have been removed to cut down on energy. When you remove the lamps or the additional lighting, you inevitably reduce energy consumption, and you do not pay for what you did not use in the first place.

Install solar panels and indoor plants

You can purchase solar cells and panels at a reasonable price from the market. They reduce the total energy usage and, when harnessed wisely in your industrial infrastructure design, will bring down your energy bills.

Place indoor plants in the lounge area, hallways, and entrance. Apart from being a source of attraction, they purify the air and are better than the harmful chemical purifiers.

Rainwater harvesting – The eco green construction mantra

Thanks to recent advances in technology and general awareness, the need for rainwater harvesting has increased tremendously. With this method, you can store and utilize the water for commercial use. Use them for on-site cleaning or maintaining landscape gardens.

You can adapt the concept of greywater recycling where water from bathrooms and sinks can be used for gardening purposes. Therefore, Rainwater harvesting is one of the critical aspects that have to be considered for an eco green construction.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Apply the 3 R’s of the environment to your workplace — reuse items instead of throwing them in the bin. Through recycling items, you reduce the use of raw materials and decrease the energy consumption as well. Notice how the surroundings appear cleaner and greener owing to a minimal use of toxic substances.

Cut down on the refrigeration costs.

Structural firms with a water-cooled refrigerating system have to bear the costs of energy and running water needed to maintain the plant. Instead, while framing industrial infrastructure design, the firm can opt for a large cooling tower, which will help you save on energy and water. Install a small pump and connect them to the coolant. Then, use this water to cool the refrigerators or other machines.

Set machines at the ideal temperature

Find out what is the ideal temperature required for the machine to be in good running condition. If your firm has on-site coolants or refrigerators, set the heat to the perfect degree.

The same rule holds for HVAC units. So, Check the air ducts and ventilating systems for any leak or service them regularly to lower the power usage. Conserving energy and water should be a conscious effort in the industrial infrastructure design.
Following these ideas may lead you towards an eco green construction.




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