Importance of structural steel detailing in an Industrial construction

by Structural design

Structural steel detailing can be described as an important process in an Industrial Construction. Even the smallest error in the design by the Industrial structural design companies can lead to loss of time and money. Steel detailing is critical to the construction and manufacturing industry. It brings different professionals like architects, steel fabricators, engineers, contractors, and others together under the same umbrella. Steel detailing consists of two important steps, as seen below:

Creating detailed drawings to use as references during the steel detailing process. The drawings can be either a shop drawing or an erection drawing.

Planning and estimating the amount of raw material required

The erection drawings consist of dimensioned plans and also display the geographical locations of each steel component of the structure. The drawings also include information about the component positions, installation required as well as other field works that will be associated with it, whereas, the shop drawings display every minute detail of the steel components. It also includes instructions as to how each piece needs to be created by steel fabricators.

When you are constructing large structures, you need it to be strong enough to withstand any calamity, humanmade, or natural. This can be done with the help of accurate Structural steel detailing. This reinforces the building giving it enough strength to stand in the face of any calamity. According to the Industrial structural consultants in Chennai, professional steel fabricators can construct high-quality steel structures.

Techniques used by top Industrial structural design companies

In the earlier days, steel detailing was carried out by using manual drafting methods. As time went by, companies used calculators as well as logarithm tables and other mathematical tools. However, in today’s world, industries use CAD software for steel detailing. The software makes the process go faster with a very low margin of error. Although software like CAD has made steel fabrication easier, the process still requires skill to make sure that it is as accurate as possible.

A structural steel detailing engineer needs to draw several drawings before finalizing it. To ensure the inclusion of all points, the drawings has to pass through different phases. After the completion of the drawing, the architects and  engineers receive a copy to give their approval. Then, they post the approved picture for steel fabrications. Otherwise, it changes according to the suggestions. Then cycle repeats until obtaining the approval. The best Industrial structural design companies in the country ensure that the steel detailing drawings are a hundred percent accurate before sending them out for fabrication.

The safety offered by structural designs

With climate change becoming a thing of the present, it has become very difficult to predict when and where the next natural calamity is going to hit. The right Industrial structural design companies will implement designs that have a better chance of surviving the ordeal and protecting the people inside it as well.  The quality of the Structural steel detailing during the early days of construction determines the strength of the building.




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