Automobile Battery – Industrial Fire Safety

by Fire and Safety

Battery-powered equipment is commonplace in the industry today. However, automobile battery present hazards that can cause severe injury or death to workers. 

Hazards in Automobile Battery:

The chemical substances used in batteries and the processes that occur on a charge, discharge, and an open circuit, may create various risks. Moreover, the mechanical hazards are caused by the chemical or electromechanical reaction that triggers ruptures or explosions.

  • Lead-acid automobile batteries can cause serious injury if not handled correctly. 
  • The acid used as an electrolyte in automobile batteries is very corrosive and can cause injuries if it comes into contact with workers.
  • An electrolyte that has been spilled can also cause significant damage to property and the environment.

Hazards of working with automobile battery may include:

  1. Electrolyte may splash onto the body (including eyes)
  2. An explosion due to the ignition of gases both inside and outside the Battery.

During the life of an automobile battery, different groups of individuals may be at risk if an accident occurs

  1. Manufacturing workers
  2. Personnel involved with the storage, transportation, installation, and charging of batteries
  3. Battery users
  4. Automobile Battery recyclers

Information and Training:

  • Store Automobile batteries in a cool, well-ventilated area away from ignition sources.
  • Do not allow conductive material to touch automobile battery terminals.
  •  A dangerous short-circuit may occur and cause of battery failure and fire. If installed automobile batteries are at risk of metal tools or other conductive materials touching terminals, then the terminals should be insulated
  • Don’t place devices or cables on cells or in an area where they can fall onto the piers.
  • Use only insulated tools 
  • automobile batteries to avoid injury and short circuits
  • Strictly follow all instructions and diagrams when installing or maintaining battery systems
  • When working on automobile batteries, workers must not wear items of jewelry (e.g., watches, rings) as they may short out the terminals
  • Also,be sure to use correct automobile battery terminals.
  • Use an appropriate strap or cradle to carry batteries. Never take them by their terminal posts.




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